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Cache Control
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If this is your first map load, a number of common assets will be downloaded and cached. Subsequent map loads will be a lot quicker.

When the level loads, click the screen to enter game mode.

To move out of game mode, press the ESC key. Pressing the ESC key twice will present an in-game menu.

Modified key options in the game:

  • Home : Game menu and options. Similar to pressing ESC but keeps mouse control in game. Recommended instead of pressing ESC.
  • H : Toggles the HUD
  • J : Toggles the weapon and crosshair

You can remove the cached data that is downloaded, in full or in part with the Cache Control.

Report issues with LiveView on the ..::LvL Forum.

LiveView uses the QuakeJS engine (source code) and a slighly modified version of ZTM's Flexible HUD (source code).


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